Drs Leslie, Ojo & Chetty

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  • Patients can now collect their prescription from the surgery as long as they are fit and healthy or alternatively their local pharmacy can collect on their behalf.
  • Patients must order prescriptions online or via our 24 hour prescription telephone line. Please allow extra time when ordering your prescription. 

Scottish Mental Health Service for Deaf People

Who are we?

We are a new national service hosted by NHS Lothian. We are committed to providing specialist support in Scotland for deaf people with mental health problems across Scotland.

What do we do?

We provide a high quality service for people with hearing impairment suffering from a mental disorder. Predominantly, we are a consultancy and liaison service providing the following:

  • Advice on local management of deaf people with moderate or severe mental health problems which present challenges in assessment and/or treatment across Scotland
  • Assessment and/or treatment of patients at request of or in liaison with local clinicians on an outreach basis
  • Advice/assessment of the possible requirement for specialist inpatient treatment
  • Provision of training in deaf awareness and deaf mental health issues for mental health professionals.

Or if you prefer you can download or leaflet